How To Make Outdoor Seat Cushions
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How To Make Outdoor Seat Cushions

How To Make Outdoor Seat Cushions

How To Make Outdoor Seat Cushions

To start making your very own comfortable seat cushion, perhaps the most important factor you should focus on is the type of material used for the cushion covering. The material choice varies from person to person depending on your taste. To make your decision easy, here is a list that will aid you in choosing the perfect material, along with other supplies, for your custom seat cushions for seats.

When Do You Need To Make Outdoor Seat Cushions 

Sometimes it is a great idea to make your own seat cushions and really explore your style. you may have many reasons to make outdoor seat cushions and some of them can be as follows:

Redecorate The Whole Place

It can always be a really fun idea to redecorate your whole living space and to change the aesthetic and colours for a fresh new start. Whenever you think about redecorating an area, cushion covers might not be the most important thing that you might want to change but you can be really wrong. Cushion covers can actually change the whole outlook of a room because they have a very significant impact on the side of the room. You can make your room look like a rainbow or make it have a soft pastel look, all depends on the way you dress up your cushion covers.

Finding Your Style

It is always great to find your style and when you do sometimes the old things that you have bought do not fit into your new aesthetics. that is a time when you need to change your question covers and get your very comfortable seat cushion that shows the world your style. This can be one of the main reasons that you decide to make custom seat cushion seats. It can really reflect your taste in ways that you have not thought of before.

Imagine a simple cream coloured couch, a black and gold set of cushions give it a completely different look in comparison to a turquoise and blue one.

The necessities to make cushions:

  1. The fabric: To make your very own outdoor cushion cover, you should select a rough heavy-duty fabric that can withstand the outdoor abuse all year round. Such fabrics can be found in the stores under the”outdoor fabric’ labels.
  2. Cushion pads: In the likely case that you are making your cushions from scratch, you must buy the cushion pads to make your cushions comfortable for you to sit on. You can cut and trim the cushion pads with fabric shears. 
  3. Sewing machine: Because of the fact that this project has a lot of emphasis on sewing the cushions, it would not be a bad choice to go with a sewing machine. This would make your life a lot easier. With that being said, sewing with your hands would result in the same result. It’s just that using a sewing machine would save a couple of minutes of yours.
  4. Sewing needle and thread: To start the process of sewing you would need a sewing needle and some thread to go with it. Make sure to choose the thread that best compliments your cushion fabric!
  5. Sewing pins: To keep the line straight and not uneven, you can use sewing pins to pin the fabric from moving. You just need a few pins to achieve the desired work.

    Useful tips to make outdoor cushions:

    1. The right material: Owing to the fact that these are your own custom seat cushions for seats, the material of the fabric that you select matters! The outdoor requirement of the job makes it rather a difficult feat to achieve. The fabric must be able to withstand the Sun and its heat. Perhaps selecting a light coloured fabric would help in reducing the effect of sun-bleaching. If it rains a lot, you must go with some kind of water resistant fabric or maybe try to make it waterproof using a waterproofing spray. It is also a good practice to buy some extra fabric to make matching cushion pillow covers.
    2. Reuse old cushions: If you have old cushions that are lying around, use them! Make new covers and replace them on the top of the old ones. The old covers would act like filters to keep your foam from having adverse effects of the outdoor environment.
    3. Use zippers: Use zippers in your cushions, they would make your life a hundred times better when it would come to replacing or just simply removing the covers in order to give them a wash.

        Making your own custom seat cushions for seats:

        Below is a tutorial that takes you through the step-by-step process of making your very own comfortable seat cushion.

        1. Chalk out your design: Before you can start sewing the fabric, you must plan and design what you want. There are plenty of things you need to consider before diving into this. To aid in making your choice, you can ask yourself a few questions that will make your life a little easy. Are you making new cushions or just the covers? DO you plan on making an entire set of cushions? Would you be adding velcro, zippers or other attachments? Know the dimension for your cushions and sketch the design out on a piece of paper!
        2. Trim and pin the fabric: Once the design has been finalised, spread your fabric with the correct side facing out, put your cushion pads or old cushion. Fold the fabric in such a manner that the cushion gets covered by it. Take the fabric shears and trim the fabric keeping around half an inch seam around the border. Pin the fabric using the sewing pins or move the fabric to the sewing machine.
        3. Tidy the sides: On to the sewing machine, remove the cushion and sew in a straight line on both the sides. Check if your cushion fits your creation and move to the next step, if the fit is a little too tight then use the extra half inch fabric to compensate for it.
        4. Cap the corners: Tidy up the corners by marking the corner along the seam of the cushion. Remove the cushion and then sew the corners. 
        5. Finalise the back: Last but not the least, flip your cover and insert the cushion in it. Bring the backsides and tuck the edges in order to sew the straight line. You can hand sew this part and it does not need to be very precise as it’s going to be hidden.
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