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  • Welcome to the finest outdoor furnishing manufacturers all across the continental US. Before everything began to blossom for LVTXIII, it was Living Textile, a factory founded by the pioneer of the three co-founders, Lucas. Living Textile Factory was founded more than three decades ago in 1990 when the outdoor furnishing market was starting to pick up some heat. The factory was then driven forward under the great patronage of Lucas with his business partners and lifelong friends, Geory and Vincent. Expansion over expansion happened day after day for the company and we officially opened headquarters in California, USA by 2020 to further indulge the masses in our great products. Today, we operate on a global scale, we have come a really long way from the small company of the 1990s and now manage a whole team of designers, workmen, craftsmen and thinkers who work tirelessly to bring you the greatest outdoor textile products the market has to offer. The name of our brand has quite a glorious history behind it. So the LVT in the name comes from Living Textile, the mother factory of it all and the III is the Roman numeral for the three founders who nurtured and carried the company forward. The rest has been history. Since that very time, Living Textile became the grandly known household name of LVTXIII. It became the company’s forte to bring about a revolution in outdoor textile products like no other company had done so far. Soon the fire spread far and wide and cooperations from all across the globe look forward to working with the one company that produced quality over quantity. Every piece had its own artisanal touch to it that distinguished it from the lot by a milestone. Bringing about the greatest design minds with skilled craftsmen, we achieved the impossible feat of perfecting the very art of outdoor furnishing.

Our Motto

LVTXIII started in the name of luxurious yet greatly affordable outdoor textile products. From the very onset of the company, the most evident thing was the company’s motto. We planned from the very beginning to bring to you the greatest quality and pair it with such affordability that you would be awed. Lucas, Geory and Vincent dreamt of an artisanal company that manufactured opulent and gorgeous outdoor textile products but made them widely available for a fraction of the cost. That is exactly what the LVTXIII motto has been from the very beginning. We also believe in bringing about a design revolution, a change in the preset patterns of monotonous outdoor furnishing. We have forever thriven as an independent artisanal company that does not mass produce or mass manufacture. Each piece is tended to with love and affection that is transferred to you with all our love. We have forever added that extra flavor of care and beauty to everything we do even if it is the most basic of the products. LVTXIII takes ample pride in its quality, we have never once compromised on the products that we send out to the world. Everything we brand in our name bears the quality of the brand itself and you will never find that faltering because it has been our primary target. We promised ourselves as a team that everything we would put out in the world would hold meaning and beauty and we have stuck to that promise through all the glorious thirty years of this company’s existence.

Our Products

We have world class expertise in all products you can think of that would make the outdoor life luxurious and worth living. We bring to you seat cushions that boast the greatest comfort and style you will ever come across. Our cushions range from square tufted seat cushions to the very high backed ones and even round bistro seats that you might need for a rendezvous in the gardens. The cushion range is truly splendid but it is our pillow cover range that truly mesmerises and catches the eye all the same. We offer a variety of amazing throw pillows to lumbar pillows. We even present to you the highly luxurious and beautiful velvet pillow covers, both for square and lumbar pillows. Your pillow needs are truly catered to. Moreover, our outdoor tablecloths are a whole thing of elegance on their own. We offer rough and tough yet really stylishly designed outdoor table cloths for both square and round tables in your patios, decks and gardens. Our inflatable cushions are a signature style for our brand and we have gotten immense success on that front. The LVTXIII store offers some amazingly designed inflatable ottomans, both round and square and also inflatable sofa chairs for your everyday usage. Our patio umbrellas and beach tents are among the finest quality ones you will find all across the market, we have kept the user friendly aspect of these items in mind to give to you the ultimate user experience.


The ideas at LVTXIII never end. We have made it our life’s purpose to bring the greatest revolution in outdoor textile products with our products directly aimed at your living spaces. We care for the style, texture, outlook, diversity, presentation, patterns and prints so even the very nooks and crannies of your living spaces brighten up with our products. We believe in the amalgamation of the new and old and it shows through our work. We have always thriven to present the very best of our work to the world but a whole lot goes behind the apparent simplicity of a well made product. It all starts with our creative heads at work who put forward the most inspired versions of their ideas, Each idea pitched is further scrutinised and polished with thoughts of our consumers and their needs. Every step of the way we prioritise your needs by making sure whatever we are doing should add to your experience rather than mar it. A good product can make or break the consumer’s day and we understand the power you have vested within our hands by trusting us with your outdoor spaces. The ideas are further made better and worked upon until everything we produce turns into not the best version of itself in the market but the best possible version of the product itself. With the refinement of each idea at LVTXIII, we come up with one more amazing solution to all your outdoor furnishing problems with our best furniture accessories.

Magnificent Home Design

We have mastered the art of home design. One’s home is the dearest place to one’s heart and we do our utmost to bring about the most beautiful designs, prints and patterns to our living spaces. We, here at LVTXIII, care a whole lot for your living spaces and what they look like. We have made it our mission to bring about the design revolution in your homes and carry it forward with our prints, patterns, fabric and textures. Finding the perfectly suitable designs for your outdoor textile products is already a hard job and then the options are so limited. We have managed to break that curse and bring you the greatest variety you have witnessed ever when it comes to the range that we present to you. Our creative thinkers, designers and craftsmen take extra special care of the fact that you deserve to be given nothing but the very best. With shipments going all across the globe, we have a global horizon of the kind of products that you would need to not only beautify your living spaces but to give you practical ease. We design, we create the fabric, and we spin the whole thing up into the finished product for maximum quality assurance so that you see the ultimate luxury in your living places at highly competitive prices. We have made some really reputable relationships with vendors all across the US for the greatest quality of products. It all shows through our love for our craft and in hundreds of thousands of outdoor living spaces all across the world in the houses of our loyal clientele.

Tailored Outdoor Fabric

The art we thrive on here at LVTXIII is the very fabric. We understand the nature of outdoor fabric better than anyone in the market and we take immense pride in it. Our most important achievement is the understanding of the client’s needs, we make sure we take full notice of the customer's needs and demands. Outdoor fabric has requirements of its own and that is where our tailored outdoor fabric wins the race by leaps and bounds. We make unmatched outdoor fabric, we tailor it in the best manner possible and take it up a notch with our impeccable designs that accentuate your living spaces greatly. The promise of the fabric of an LVTXIII product is that it is there to stay. Durability is something we have never taken lightly as it is the very foundation of our products. The fabric we put to use is fade resistant with colors so rich and beautiful, that they are hard to match or make a better version of. We understand that you require a rough and tough style of fabric that can bear the harshness of the outdoor environment. The fabric works as the first line of defence from the outside world for your inflatable ottoman or cushions. We make sure that the inside of the product stays intact because we make a tough and heavy duty outside fabric. With LVTXIII, you know the fabric you are getting is top quality and the ultimate user experience.

Experienced Design Team

The design team here at LVTXIII is a highly skilled one with each member excelling outstandingly in what they have done. We bring about expertise from all across the world and present to you the ultimate design team whose priority every day is to bring to you such fine prints and textures that you would be in awe. We live for customer satisfaction and there is nothing more in this world that we will thrive for. We take our brand name very seriously and anything associated with LVTXIII has to have that effect, the touch, that x factor that sets it apart from the rest of the available options. Everything you see at every LVTXIII store is a work of art, crafted with you in our minds. Everything we have manufactured is a tribute to excellent craftsmanship and some out of the world design skills. The workmanship with all things LVTXIII shines and shows itself within the very folds and turns of the fabric itself. We have brought together creative minds from all across the industry and paired them with craftsmen whose hands work like silken threads and give the ultimate neatness and finesse. We train the finest individuals and polish them to the extent that each design we come out with has a rich backstory and an undeniable grace to it which instantly lifts up your living spaces as no other design would. Your outdoor spaces become our personal project and we make sure we bring to you the greatest and latest designs with diverse patterns and awe-inspiring prints.

More About LVTXIII

We offer the delicate touch and expertise of three decades on our end for the comfort of a lifetime. By offering a curated mix of textures and patterns, we give to the ultimate selection that you would not tire of in any case. Customers mean everything to us and all the success we have had in the US, as well as all across the globe, is due to the very love and support of our customers. We are here for you like the great support system that you have been for us through these amazing three decades full of growth. For now, we are operating from California, however, we have plans to expand all over because the world must never run out of top notch outdoor textile products. Try LVTXIII today and add to your outdoor life! Feel free to contact us in any case or for more information please send to: support@lvtxiiioutdoor.com

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