How to measure a table for a tablecloth? Only follow these steps!
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How to measure a table for a tablecloth? Only follow these steps!

How to measure a table for a tablecloth? Only follow these steps!

Standard tablecloth measurements may be hard to find when you are out there but a tablecloth truly changes the way people look at your living spaces. Think of a tablecloth as a mood setter or tone for the meals you have and the evenings you spend there. Moreover, it can be treated like an extension of your personality to the world, something of self expression. Tablecloths can make or break the very look of your living area and this is why their length is super important to consider whenever you are out to get a tablecloth. 

Tablecloth Troubles

It is always one thing or another. Tablecloth gets harder and harder when you do not know where to start. It is exceedingly stressful when you do not clearly understand how measurements work. Because let us be honest, if you get a 60 inch tablecloth for a tablecloth it is going to be more of a rug on top than a table cover. So whenever you are out to measure a table for a tablecloth or simply measure tablecloth for your tables, it is good to avoid the table troubles when you do that.

Rectangle Vs Round Vs Square

The rectangle versus round and square debate is an old one. Let us just clarify one small thing, try to stick to your shape. One type of shape does not quite sit right on the other type of table. According to standard tablecloth measurements, it is also pretty evident that a square tablecloth looks more flattering on a square table and the same applies to all the other table shapes. You must have seen some really poorly designed rooms where a round table was covered in a square tablecloth. Did that look any good? Ask yourself. Not really. Similarly, a rectangle table with a square tablecloth will just look misshapen and out of place. For the ultimate look of your living place, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to your table shape. It can really do wonders for the way your sitting arrangements turn out. 

How To Get Standard Tablecloth Measurements

Here is a complete guide to finding the perfect measure for tablecloth that you have been looking for. Just follow the step by step guide to get you through the process in a breeze.

1. Prep Your Table

It is sort of an obvious thing to say but you will be amazed how many people actually skip this step. Prepping your table to be measured is an essential step to accurate measurement. You want to be sure that when you are out there finding the standard tablecloth measurements for your table that it is placed completely upright on an even floor. You do not want to be doing this kind of measuring on the ground for instance. This will make sure you get an accurate measurement. Also, make sure that your table is absolutely clean and does not hinder the process for you.

2. Measure Table For Tablecloth

Finding the right measure for tablecloth is hard when you do not know where to start measuring. Most measuring tapes are not that long and if your table is a longer one, you will have trouble. So, the first thing you need to do is to mark the center of the table by figuring out the complete length and putting a small dot on the center part. Take your measuring tape from the center of the table and carry it to the very end of the table. You will have half the length of the table, now multiply it by two. This will give you the full length of the table. For instance, if your half length is 30 inches, just multiply it by two and you will get 60 inches which means your table is 5 feet in length.

3. Think About The Drop

The drop of the tablecloth is something you need to consider in standard tablecloth measurements. Sometimes it is the drop that really helps your table look its best. Imagine a table in one of your living areas, how much of the tablecloth do you want free falling once the table is covered. If you are looking for a full foot length fall, you might need to measure the height of the table and add that digit to your premeasured top. If you are looking for more of a sit down length coverage, you will need to measure it accordingly. Whatever your style might be, it is always good to add a few inches just in case you change your mind about the way it looks. If the drop is not considered, it might ruin the overall look of the table you are aiming to cover. 

4. A Little Bit Of Math Will Help

The math for rectangular tables can be a little intimidating but do not worry, we have simplified it for you. Imagine you have found out that the half of your table length is 34 inches. That would make your table to be a solid 68 inches. Now you want a 10 inch drop on the tablecloth. So how will you find the standard tablecloth measurements for a 68 inch table with a 10 inch additional drop? Simple. You would multiply 10 inches for both sides with 2 and add 68 to that. You desired table measurement would turn out to be 88 inches. 

5. The Round Table Trick

A similar formula can be used for a round table. For instance, you have found your table to be a 60 inch one, five feet in diameter. If you want the drop of the tablecloth to be 10 inches, your equation would be 10 x 2 + 60. That would mean your desired tablecloth measurements would be 80 inches.  

Measure For Tablecloth Cheat Sheet

Here is a little guideline for both rectangle and round tables to help you out.

Rectangle Tables

Table length

Tablecloth size

62 - 72 inches

70 x 90 inches

80 - 92 inches

70 x 108 inches

96 - 110 inches

70 x 126 inches

110 - 126 inches

70 x 144 inches

Round Tables

Table length

Tablecloth size

42 - 55 inches

70 inches

55 - 70 inches

90 inches


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