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About Us


LVTX comes from our factory name "LIVING TEXTILE". "iii" comes from the Roman numeral 3 which stands for our three founders. Lucas, Geory, Vincent.
In 1990, lucas founded the LIVING TEXTILE factory and invited his friends Vincent and Geory to work together. 

We are a one-stop textile solution service company. We provide our customers classic and stylish patterns, outdoor fabrics finish outdoor textile products can be seen in your gardens, room or balcony. At that time, we mainly did OEM manufacturing for many brands, and well-known suppliers from all over the world came to look for cooperation. Up to now, our products are saled to all over the world. We are committed to providing the highest quality outdoor textiles to people all over the world.

We employ well-known designers, professional production technology, keep up with fashion trends, and introduce new styles. Products include seat cushion, pillow and pillow covers, inflatable cushion, patio umbrella and beach tent. There are many colors, flower type and shape for your choice.

In 2020, we set up our own brand that named "LIVING TEXTILE" , our headquarter in California, and we will expand our online sales to all regions of the United States. Of course, if you are ordering from other countries, we will be happy to help you, for more information please send to: support@lvtxiiioutdoor.com

Everything we do is principled upon the commitment and dedication to:Operating our business with integrity, character and a respect of others; Creative leadership, provide leading edge retail and merchandising solutions; Offering an unparalleled service experience; Providing leading edge analytics.      

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